Last weekend in Vancouver at the Westin Bayshore, I was fortunate to be invited to the Cannabis Life Conference by Buds2go. This event was filled with cannabis enthusiasts, who gathered altogether in this two day event full of education and action surrounding all things cannabis.

I met some awesome vendors such as Baked Edibles Inc., Remedi Essentials, Mary Products, CANMEDi, Bloom High Tea Social Club, Eden, Barney’s Buds, and Medigreen.

At the conference, I had the opportunity to actually sit down with Shawn from Flyte Concentrates and ask him a few questions about their products. They’ve got an awesome crew by the way.

Beware, this is the beginning of a new era, a new world; the future for the cannabis culture and that is, concentrates. 

Generally, stoners are always searching for products with a higher potency than their last purchase because they just want to get hella high, alllllll the time. Right? Well, good news. Flyte concentrates have the bomb ass products but what exactly are they making?

“We’re harvesting the purest and cleanest form of cannabis, which is distillate.”

-Shawn, CEO. Flyte Concentrates

These boys at Flyte are part of the stoner culture, they’re enthusiasts who experiment in cannabis extraction. They’re stripping away all of the flowers materials by extracting its natural fats and isolating certain compounds, especially THC. Distillate has a THC content of 90-94%.

They’re concentrates wizards. They’ve perfected these incredible and potent vape pens that are meant for the long haul. They’re sleek and super convenient because you can smoke them anywhere without reeking havoc and to be honest I bought one of those pens at the conference and man was I highhhhhhh. These pens aren’t your ordinary vape pens, they have a detachable cartridge of 0.6 ml of pure and premium quality distillate and the trick is to draw air first for the oil to coat the coil and they’re tasty as hell. They come in various flavors such as, grapefruit, pineapple, blueberry, sour diesel, tangerine and god’s green crack.

Now, this is a shoutout to all my fellow dabbers because lets be honest, dabbing is the new hip and not all of us are part of the #vapenation, no offense. Their distillate is also available for dabbers. HALLELUJAH! I’ve tried their dab distillate and I was so high in the clouds, I was coma-tized and I was on cloud 9. This is also amazing for patients who are suffering with severe chronic pain or extreme nausea because it is so immediate and effective.

Truly and honestly, I love their distillate because it’s so practical for every pot smoker; you can vape, dab and they’re for joint lovers like you and I. Flyte has found a way to take one product and turn it into a variety of other products that is available for every consumer. They have created an aisle that’ll land you deep within the heavens of euphoria.