THC 16-23% CBD 1.07%

Oregon Golden Goat was created when a male Hawaiian-Romulan pollinated with a female Island Sweet Skunk; it’s a very powerful sativa-dominant hybrid with a ratio of 70:30. The nugs are pale green and glimmering in resinous crystals. It has faint and a sweet and subtle note of tropical aromas. The nugs are featherlike but compact. Oregon Golden Goat is a blissful and potent high. Its uplifting euphoric buzz will knock you out from head to toe and it’ll only last 1-2 hours. It’s a great daytime strain especially and is great for mood disorders, nausea, headaches, stress, chronic pain and PTSD.



Have you ever seen the tv show weeds?

“Oh, it’s a weed wonderland, Nancy. It’s like Amsterdam, only better, because you don’t have to visit the Anne Frank house and pretend to be all sad and stuff”

Doug WilsonCharacter on tv show Weeds.

Did you know that coffeeshops play a vital role in Dutch tourism and figures prove that at least 25-30% of tourists visiting Amsterdam spend most of their times in coffeeshops.

I’ve always thought that Amsterdam was the mecca of weeeeeeed until recently…

Marijuana is actually quite illegal in the Netherlands; however, it is decriminalized and there are no penalties for consumers or sellers – take into consideration that the cops will turn a blind eye if ever those who are in possession of 5 grams or less. Coffeeshops on the other hand are allowed up to 500 grams of cannabis on the premises once at a time. However, Dutch lawmakers has approved a legislation, which permits the professional cultivation of marijuana.

Earlier this year, the oldest coffeeshop in Amsterdam, Mellow Yellow closed its doors on New Year’s Day due to a government-backed scheme; to shut down any coffeeshops that were within a 250m radius of any school. Mellow Yellow was one of 28 establishments affected by this legislation, which the mayor’s office claims it is to prevent any young child from taking up smoking. Yeah okay.

I remember when I was younger, I lurvvvvvved Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay especially the last scene. When Harold reunites with Maria and all four of them enjoying the magnificient weed of Amsterdam all throughout the city and walking out of one of the coffeeshops. Growing up, I’ve always believed that Amsterdam was the mecca of all marijuana but it isn’t…

Earlier this October, I went to Amsterdam and I tried their reefer and experienced coffeeshop lounging. It was great but what i’ve realized about Amsterdam is it’s a city filled with marijuana innovators to connoisseurs but the weed. The weed wasn’t as glorious as I thought it would be or believed it to be. In pop culture, Amsterdam was always portrayed as weed central. The place where you roam the streets smoking a j and just getting mad high and visiting local coffeeshops.

Today, you technically can’t even smoke on the streets in Amsterdam and I’m still in awe with how deceiving their flowers were or maybe it’s my pretentious taste on cannabis. Whichever it is, I was bummed. I’m not saying, it was all terrible but I had great expectations.

There is one upside about this trip and it was all the hashhhhhhh. Now Amsterdam has one thing going for them and it is their supply of hash. Authentic and potent hash – from a light auburn blonde to dark auburn red; it was amazing!

Amsterdam had a variety of tasty hash’, imported from all over the world [Morocco, India, Afghanistan..] with an array of flavors. Extraordinary and out of this world; tasty and boasting with exotic flavors and most importantly I got mad highhhhhh.

Thank you Amsterdam.