THC 25-27%


Organic Death Bubba is a powerful indica that’s crossed with God Bud X Bubba Kush. The pungent pairing reeks of grass and skunk. The nugs are evergreen with dark purple leaves and tiny orange specks of hair, seeping through the cracks of the buds. The buds are dense and round and sparkling in trichomes. ODB is smooth on the throat with a slight spicy and citrus flavor to it. After smoking a joint of this, you’ll feel a rushing focused energy wash over you that’ll leave you motivated and uplifted; unknotting tension and soothing any minor physical discomfort. As the high increases, you’re left into this utter relaxation and upon the comedown; it pulls you into a deep and peaceful, undisturbed sleep coma. This is great for treating ADD/ADHD, cancer therapies, chronic pain, insomnia and night terrors.




Today on CBC News 1, Mark Farnworth has announced that a Provincial Website is now open for public consultation concerning the views of Legalizing Marijuana and it’s regulatory framework. Eventually they want to push this forward over to Ottawa in hopes of changing their minds and their regulatory system as well.

“The site is doing so well that it already has over 30 000 hits and 15 000 submissions and counting, addressing the issue”

-Mark Farnworth. Marijuan Legalization at the UBCM Convention. CBC News One.

This is amazing because BC officials are finally allowing us to address our concerns on this important issue. This is a Pot Democracy and legalizing marijuana shouldn’t only rest on the hands of our Canadian Government.

An important key issue that we should recognize is that the Federal Government will be the one legalizing cannabis and setting a federal framework. This means, production and testing is all determined by them.

Only 9 months away from legalizing marijuana in Canada and BC officials hope to finish the public consultation by November 1st. Despite the very tight timeline, we British Columbians should be proud and content that they believe that our needs should all be met and that a regulatory framework cannot be established without us addressing our concerns on the issue. 

The key issues BC officials are facing is, will there be any additional cost on enforcement? Will this affect organize crime? What happens to licensing, taxation and most importantly, retail distribution?

Many of the BC officials are now realizing how important it is to reach out to illicit experts who’ve built the popularity of BC Bud because realistically without their expertise or input, how will officials be able to build this framework? How will they build a framework that fits all of our concerns without consulting the experts who’ve built marijuana empires?

This is a major concern that we should all hold forth to because marijuana has never been a government product but a public one that we should all address.